Do I have to pay extra for scare zones?

No! Your ticket grants you access to everything outdoors and indoors, including our two outdoor scare zones, our indoor zombie tag, and our new miniature haunted walk-through.

Is it too scary for children?

Maybe. The entire outdoor area becomes a monster paradise, where they can hide and chase guests freely outside of the rides and attractions. The monsters are not allowed to touch guest, but they do love to follow you around. This may be too frightening for some guests- so the entire indoor area is monster free! You can also enjoy a more limited monster interaction in our zombie lazer tag.

Are the monsters allowed to hurt the guests?

Monsters are NOT allowed to harm guests, and guests are NOT allowed to harm our monsters. However, the monsters are free to talk with, chase and interact with our guests freely! If you need a break from the fun, head inside for a monster-free zone.

Wait, where is the big walk-through maze?

Thats at Higbee Horror Haunt, located inside The Halloween Guys store! Go visit us there, then come and have fun at Boomers!

Halloween Horror at Boomers! features 3unique scare spots, where the monsters come to you!
Discover thelegends behind these scare zones below.


In this old western town gold was discovered. The town turned into a mining town and quickly started booming. The town folk started blastin in the area to start mining for more gold. What they didn’t know was that all that noise and racket woke some things up out there in the desert. One foggy night all sorts of evil creatures came wondering into town to stop what was making all that noise. One of those creatures is none other than the infamous Higbee, he had just escaped from an asylum awhile back. All these monsters and creatures began killing all the town folk and reclaimed the area. Now those creatures and monsters have remained in that town, killing and eating all who enter. You will have to go through the old west town and try to survive, but be warned, those monsters are lurking around every corner waiting for you. Good luck on your visit through Boom Town!


This carnival started getting complaints about its clowns being too aggressive and hurting guests during the show. Eventually the carnival got shut down, leaving the clowns homeless and angry. Taking shelter at the abandoned midway the clowns started brutally murdering and eating anyone who stumbled into the old midway. Now the clowns have reopened the midway with some new twisted attractions, hoping to make you all a part of it. Step right up and be afraid!


Laser tag at Boomers is under quarantine as some chemicals spilled and created mutant zombies. You and your group will be sent in to clean out the infectious toxic zombies. Be careful not to get bit or shot because these zombies will fire back.