What is it?

Higbee Horror Haunt is a walk-through attraction with live actors. Guests will walk through 9 themed areas in this haunted maze that lasts about 7 minutes. The actors will not touch you and you cannot touch the actors. There is themed music, loud noises, flashing lights, and depictions of violence and gore. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Halloween Horror at Boomers! is a special Halloween themed event. Boomers will be fully decorated for Halloween and will feature terrifying monsters running wild. Guests can play Zombie Zap laser tag with live (dead) zombies. There will be 2 designated scare zones where guests can encounter Higbee’s monsters in a more interactive experience. This event will run for 4 nights only this October.

How much?

Higbee Horror Haunt
Adults $13
Children 12 and under $8
A walkthrough usually lasts 5-7 minutes, tickets purchase one walkthrough. No refunds.

Halloween Horror at Boomers!

General Admission $24.99
FREE for 2018 Season Pass Holders


What is the age limit?

Not recommended for children under 13 years old, but all ages are allowed to enter.
A parent or guardian must accompany any child 12 and under.


When are you open?

You can visit our Dates, Times, Prices page to see current operating days and hours.


Where are you located?

Higbee Horror Haunt
2936 Veneman Ave,
Modesto CA 94530
located inside the Halloween Guys store
near Vintage Faire Mall on Dale Road

Boomers! Horror Nights presented by Higbee Horror Haunt
Boomers! Modesto
4215 Bangs Ave
Modesto CA 95356

How long does it take?

Higbee Horror Haunt takes about 5-7 minutes for one walk-through. Only one walk-through permitted with ticket purchase. If you exit the haunt you may not re-enter.

Halloween Horror at Boomers! is an event that lasts from 8:30pm-12:00am.


What if I get too scared/ need to leave?

We have emergency exits located throughout the haunt. At any point you may ask to exit and you will be helped to the nearest haunt exit. You will not receive a refund and you may not re-enter the haunt.


Do you give refunds?

No, we do not give refunds for any reason. If you exit the haunt you may not re-enter. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone or remove anyone from the haunt for any reason. Guests are not allowed to harass the actors, physically or verbally. Guests may not enter while intoxicated.


How can I work here?

You can visit our Jobs page for more information on becoming a Higbee Heathen!