Are you located inside a building?

Yes, we are located inside The Halloween Guys store, across from Vintage Faire Mall. We are safely open in all weather.

Is it one haunted house or multiple?

It is one walk-through maze which includes 18 rooms with 9 different themed areas. The ticket price pays for one walk-through of the maze.

Are you open all year?

No, we are only open for select dates in October as well as special events throughout the year! Last year we had special themed haunt events for Valentine’s Day, Friday 13th, and Christmas. Check here and on our social media for updates- or sign up for our newsletter to always be the first to know.

Are you the same haunted house from that backyard?

Yes! Higbee Horror Haunt has been operational since 2011 when we were located in a backyard on Higbee Drive. We’re so thankful that our community in Modesto has supported us since the beginning, allowing us to grow to where we are today.

Is it too scary for children?

Each family is different, but it probably too scary for most children- thats why we offer a NO SCARE walk-through! Talk to a haunt employee in line to ask for the NO SCARE walk-through for your child so they can enjoy the spirit of the season with you.

How can I work for you?

We are always looking for mare scarers, security, costume, make up and construction help. Every year we open auditions in September for parts in Higbee Horror Haunt so check our Facebook page for any audition updates. You can also fill out an application on our Contact page any time of the year.

Higbee Horror Haunt is one haunted maze featuring 9 themed areas across 18 rooms.
Discover the hidden backstories and urban legends of some of your favorite rooms below.


Her name was Maria. She had two children and a husband. Once she discovered that her husband was being unfaithful, she took her kids down to the river and drowned both of them. By the time she realized what she had done it was too late. The following day Maria’s body was found near the same river and her body was laid to rest. Soon after people started hearing a woman crying near the river and that same voice screaming out “Where are my children?”. Eventually children started disappearing around the village and their bodies were showing up in the river. Now many fear her name and her story is told to frighten children from misbehaving otherwise La Llorona will come for you.



Deeply inspired by the graphic novel “30 days of night”

A clan of vampires live in underground tunnels and caves, throughout the state of Aslaska, during the summer solstice. The Summer Solstice is 80 days of complete sunlight. During this time the vamps hibernate, waiting for the winter solstice. The Winter Solstice is 67 nights straight, with no sunlight. During that time the Vampires will rise up and feed. Luckily that doesn’t start til November 31st, but unfortunately you will be venturing into their icy caves and tunnels. Try to navigate your way out of the maze of tunnels before this clan of bloodthirsty Alaskan Vampires wake up and come after YOU!


Enter the mad scientist’s lab, where Dr. Frankenstein himself will escort you through. He can’t wait to show you his latest experiment. He says he has finally found a way to bring the dead back to life. The townspeople have said he has gone crazy and he has been caught grave digging. Maybe he has gone crazy and is ready to turn his experiment onto the world, but first…… he will turn it onto you.


His name is Higbee, once a murderous psychotic man, he would eat his victims believing it gave him special powers. After awhile his body began to change. He started loosing his hair, his ears started forming to a point, his eyes became bloodshot red, and his skin started turning green. He eventually got caught and thrown into an insane asylum. There he started slipping more into madness. He chewed on his fingers and turned them into claws. He then clawed at his mouth, exposing his sharpened teeth. One night in an attempt to move Higbee to a medical treatment, he ripped free of his bindings and started killing all of the workers at the asylum. Step inside the asylum and the horror of Higbee’s Asylum Escape.


There’s a sick sadistic serial killer on the loose that goes by the name “The Doll Maker”. He captures women and takes them to his secret workshop. Once there he hooks them up to tubes that suck out their blood and replaces it with hot liquid plastic. Afterwards he stitches them up and dresses them up in doll outfits. Inside of his workshop he built a giant doll house for his doll creations. Craving more specimens to work with, he has brought his doll creations to life and has sent them out to kidnap more victims. You will be sent to the workshop and travel inside the giant doll house. Once inside watch out for his undead doll army and any other creations he has made up. Will you make it out alive or end up becoming part of the undead doll creations made by The Doll Maker!


In the early 1950’s, Krinkles the Clown became famous after doing a breakfast cereal commercial. He then bought a roadside diner off route 66 with a clown theme. As time went on the popularity of the diner went down. Krinkles went bankrupt and was struggling keeping the diner open. One night some rude stragglers stopped by the diner. They complained about everything to the staff in the diner and demanded a refund. Krinkles finally snapped and hacked the two up into pieces. Him and his staff all at once smiled at each other. While cleaning up and attempting to hide the body parts, a tour bus arrived filled with hungry tourists. Now with a diner filled with customers wanting food, Krinkles instructed his Chef Toto to cook the body parts and serve it to the customers. Everyone loved the food and couldn’t wait to return. Krinkles and his staff tried the food as well and ate it all. Krinkles Diner is back in business and looking for more meat. Once you enter Krinkles Diner will you be served a delicious meal or will you become the next meal? Stop on by and find out. Just off of Route 666!