Higbee Horror Haunt

Halloween Horror at Boomers!

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The gang finishes the independent side of the Haunt Tour at Higbee Horror Haunt in Modesto CA. Listen to the group go to both Higbee’s maze and the new location at Boomers! All kinds of Halloween craziness was had! October 2017

Listen as The Horrific Network experiences the haunt, then talks to the creative minds involved in making it all happen! (2016)




“The haunt that made me scream like a child has spread to Boomers…”

Higbee Horror at Boomers! Stanislaus County News.org

“Overall, this haunt was some of the best times we had celebrating the best time of the year and we could not recommend checking them out enough.”

The Horrific Network: Higbee Haunt’s Enthusiasm Can’t Be Topped in 2017!

“Well, look no further than Higbee Haunt if you are in the Modesto area.”

The Horrific Network: With 3 Days Left, You Need to Go Check Out Higbee Horror Haunt in Modesto, CA

“Pogue also is working with the Higbee family, which has hosted an ever-growing haunted house in its backyard for the last five years.”

Business Beat: The Halloween Guys and Higbee Horror Haunt