Do you love a good scare? Do you love the classic horror movies that are shown in October? If so, we have the perfect attraction for you and your friends this Halloween season. In October Higbee Horror Haunt will open its gates of terror in Modesto,CA. This walk-through haunted house has real-life characters designed to make your heart race and to put a little jump in your step.

Days for 2017

October 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28, 31


Adults $13
Children 12 and under $8
Tickets may be purchased inside the Halloween Guys store.


2936 Veneman Ave,
Modesto CA 95356
inside The Halloween Guys, near Vintage Faire Mall on Dale Road

The original Haunt that started in a backyard on Higbee drive is now located inside The Halloween Guys store on Dale Road. Since 2011 Higbee Horror Haunt has entertained and terrified horror fans all across the central valley. Featuring 9 different themed areas in one terrifying maze, this haunt will immerse you in your deepest fears. Attention to detail and dedicated scare-actors have given Higbee Horror Haunt a reputation as the best haunt in Modesto!

WARNING: Not recommended for children under the age of 13. Kids 12 and younger need to be with a parent or guardian. There is gore, violence, and scary scenes that may be too intense for young children. Someone with a heart condition, claustrophobia, or expecting mothers should not enter. Strobe lights and Fog effects in use.

The Legend of Higbee

Higbee was once a normal man who turned into a savage, ruthless creature when he found that he could consume the souls of others by eating their flesh. With each soul he grew stronger and faster, but at the cost of his humanity. He was captured and placed in an asylum where he broke free and devoured the patients one by one. The screams could be heard from miles away until one day everything went silent. He lay dormant until one day a group of teenagers wandered in on a dareā€¦